Integrated PR Emmi

Emmi is the largest dairy processor in Switzerland and is known worldwide as a producer of premium dairy and cheese products. It is the number one specialist in Swiss cheeses such as Le Gruyère and Emmentaler. We provide various PR and communication programmes to Emmi Benelux.

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One of the ‘cheesy’ challenges: providing more visibility in the press for the best innovation in cheese fondue, the All In One Fondü. A complete set consisting of a pan with ready-to-use cheese fondue with a hotplate. This ‘on the go’ solution makes a cheese fondue easier, and just as enjoyable.


To provide this cheese fondue innovation with extra visibility, we sent the press a full-scale product mailing with the All In One Fondü, cheese fondue sticks and tasty dips. We also visited editors, bringing the Fondü Fun Dude, the figurehead of Emmi Fondü, with us.


A lot of free publicity by well-known food bloggers, such as Pauline’s Keuken.
Various giveaways by leading magazines. In addition, various forms of collaboration were proposed and established following this campaign.