Influencer marketing for Tio Pepe

González Byass is one of Spain’s most well-known wine families, famous for its sherries from Jerez, the birth place of the company. Sherry has run through the veins of five generations of the González family. We are lucky to work for several González Byass brands, including Tio Pepe sherry.  

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González Byass wants a new generation to wake up to the complexity of sherry and appreciating its uniqueness. González Byass is thé category leader in sherry with their international and famous brand Tio Pepe, playing an important role in the creation of a sherry revolution.


International Sherry Week is a perfect occasion to remind professionals and consumers about Tio Pepe. Three Dutch wine influencers showed the diversity of Tio Pepe sherry by using inspirational blogs and catchy social media content. #sherryrevolution!

TOT PR & Communications acted as the matchmaker between Tio Pepe and these three wine influencers; from selection of the influencers, briefing and approving final content.


For this campaign, we selected socalled micro influencers. With a relatively smaller but deeply engaged, niche audience. Micro influencers offer opinions that are deeply trusted by their followers.
This resulted in a strong interaction with their fanbase about sherry and delivered qualitative attention for Tio Pepe as an innovative brand.


Some of the results!