Consumer activation My Favorite Rueda

The Spanish wine region D.O. Rueda is known for its Verdejo grape. We conduct PR and communications activities for D.O. Rueda in the Netherlands and in Belgium for 5 years. The comprehensive annual plans for this client are crisp, fresh and innovative, just like the premium white wine itself.

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Verdejo is the best grape from Rueda, and revived the wine region about 40 years ago. The wine’s success did not go unnoticed by other wine regions, as a result of which Verdejo is now not always from Rueda anymore. It is our job to keep showing the press, consumers and professionals the connection between the best Verdejo ánd the one from Rueda.


Verdejo in your glass means a party in your mouth: popping, fresh, young, but also tropical. We developed My Favourite Rueda Summer Hotspots: a selection of the best places to enjoy a good glass of chilled Rueda Verdejo wine.

More than 40 Dutch and 25 Belgian restaurants, bars and terraces were nominated for the My Favourite Rueda Summer Hotspots election. All of them were businesses that take wine and food seriously. Wine lovers could vote for their favourite Rueda hotspot for two weeks. The top ten was announced in the Spanish way: at a great big fiesta!


Thanks to an eye-catching online and offline campaign we reached many consumers and the press. Various media, from newspapers, magazines to bloggers paid attention to the election, the hotspots and the surprising Rueda Verdejo wines served at the final party.

The election also turned out to be a much-discussed topic of hospitality businesses and this often gave Rueda a more prominent place on the wine list. Meanwhile, we have seen an increase in the name recognition of Rueda as a wine region linked to the popular Verdejo grape.


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